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( Jun. 29th, 2011 01:27 pm)
Anyone wanting to hear me speak or read, can find me at Westercon 64 this weekend.

Here's my schedule of panels and readings:

Friday, Jul 01 2:30 PM to Friday, Jul 01 4:00 PM in room: Gold
Queer Representations in Speculative Fiction
How are non-heterosexual relationships and non-binary gender identities represented in speculative fiction? Where is it done best, and where is the genre lacking? A survey of representations, both good and bad, across all speculative fiction media: books, films, TV and comic books.

Friday, Jul 01 5:30 PM to Friday, Jul 01 7:00 PM in room: Valley
Fan Editors Panel
Fanzines have different audiences, frequencies, means of distribution, and editorial attitudes. Editors explain why they publish a fanzine. Thinking of publishing a fanzine? Encouraging words will be offered.

Friday, Jul 01 10:00 PM to Friday, Jul 01 11:30 PM in room: Crystal
Erotica in SF
How far back does erotic content go in science fiction? Panelists discuss the history of erotica in science fiction as well as current trends in the subgenre.

Saturday, Jul 02 1:00 PM to Saturday, Jul 02 2:30 PM in room: Valley
After Borders, What?
A decade ago we were all hearing that independent shops were doomed because Borders was taking over. Now Borders is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What's next for bookstores, independent and otherwise?

Saturday, Jul 02 5:30 PM to Saturday, Jul 02 7:00 PM in room: Crystal
Environmental Politics of SF/F
SF/F has long dealt with environmental concerns, imagining the future impacts of overpopulation, climate change, peak oil, and water shortages. Contemporary writers talk about the importance of ecological themes in their work.

Sunday, Jul 03 1:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 2:30 PM in room: Gold
Delusions of Gender
From alien races with one sex or many to human androgynes, hermaphrodites, and beyond, SF has used gender and sexuality as lenses to examine human minds and cultures. Consider the single sex of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness versus the five sexes of Melissa Scott's Shadow Man. The James Tiptree, Jr. Award anthologies also explore these possibilities.

Sunday, Jul 03 4:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 5:30 PM in room: Valley
Classic Vampires Versus "New" Vampires
Bela Lugosi's Dracula seems as innocent as a dad in a 1950s sitcom compared to the vampires in today's movies and TV shows. What was the old set of rules that defined the lives of vampires? In what ways have different writers changed them, or the way vampires are characterized, while making the legend a more popular source of entertainment than ever before?

Sunday, Jul 03 5:30 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 7:00 PM in room: Gold
E-books and Reading Privacy
Your reading preferences can become public with e-books, because you pay by credit card or PayPal and get them via email. Could this depress the market for some kinds of literature? Or will we become brazen enough about our choices that we no longer care?

Sunday, Jul 03 10:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 11:59 PM in room: Valley
Reading: Erotica
Come listen to experienced erotica writers, Dave Smeds, D.M. Atkins, and M. Christian, read from their works.
This weekend we celebrated my son's birthday. Each year he picks a theme and we do it up with a decorated cake, props, costumes etc. The first one was Winnie the Pooh. Over the years we've had Fairies, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Pokemon, Harry Potter (twice), Pirates, Midsummer Night's Dream, Robin Hood and this year -- Doctor Who.

[personal profile] uncledark spent three days building a TARDIS from a refigerator box I picked up. It took six cans of blue spray pain. We made it so it opens and put it across the front door, so guests had to enter through it. Made it look "bigger on the inside." My son dressed as the newest Doctor (the 11th, played by Matt Smith), while two of his friends came as the 10th and the 9th. There were three Amy Ponds, River Song and one of the villians Madame Kovarian. My husbands dressed as Captain Jack and The Master ([personal profile] uncledark). My sister, [profile] scificangel, came as Donna Noble (more pics at her journal). I was a Weeping Angel. It's 8 AM now, and there are eight teenagers passed out in my liivng room from the slumber party.

Doing these theme parties is great for the adults (fans all) as well as the kids. We got to put a lot of our creative talents to work. I like doing costumes and cake decorating. So here is my "Starry Night TARDIS" cake I did for ther party.

Here is the "Starry Night TARDIS" cake pictures:

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( Jun. 1st, 2011 06:55 pm)
I designed these shirts for my son and his friends, who are all proud childen of geek parents. I thought I would share in case folks here wanted one:

I know, I have been absent from fandom since March 4 when our scumbag now-ex-landlord gave us notice. The house sold. The new owners are nice and reasonable people. They have given us the extra time we needed to find a new place and pack our very large household. We are packing and still packing.

This week's good news was that we finally signed a new lease on a house and will be moving on the 16th. That gives us a week to finish packing here. Then the clean up. Then the unpacking at the new place. All things considered, I will probably be missing from online communities for another month.

I miss you all.
Since quite a few poeple have expressed interest in knowing more about ForbiddenFiction Publishing and the site itself is still in the process of code modification and design work, I am inviting you to friend the journals we have set up for updates on our progress.

On LJ:
On IJ:
On DW:

If you have considered submitting writing for publication, would like to work with our editorial or design groups, or are just curious about what we are up to, feel free to come over and check it out. I'll be posting more information soon.
Just a quick note, as I am on my way out the door for a meeting. Yes, if you recieve an invitation to submit writing (or art) to ForbiddenFiction Publishing, this is for real. I promise to write up more about it as soon as I can, but someone asked me to let people know that these letters that have gone out to a handful of fan fiction and original fiction writers are legit. I am one of the core group of people who have been working on the project for two years now. You are welcome to ask me questions here or send them directily FFP.

Our base website is up, althrough the one that will go live will have a lot more to it. Here is the address:
Meme seen at both [profile] eroticjames and [personal profile] duskpeterson:

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she likes office supplies." I'd love it if every single person who's friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.
Sweet Somethings: Samples from the Circlet Smorgasbord ISBN 978-1-885865-49-6

FREE Download! No coupon code necessary…

(This version is a PDF. HTML and ePub available by request.)

Since 1992, Circlet Press has been committed to publishing quality works of erotic science fiction and fantasy. From werewolves to robots, mad scientists to fairy-tale princesses, we have something to captivate every erotic imagination–and we want everyone to know! For the first time ever, Circlet is offering a free sampler for download. Sweet Somethings: Samples from the Circlet Smorgasbord features excerpts from twenty books, providing an enticing taste of what Circlet has to offer.

Sweet Somethings includes samples from the following stories:

“The Bridge” by Sacchi Green, from Best Fantastic Erotica
“Master Mind” by Cecilia Tan, from Edge Plays
Alpha by Molly Maddox
“Navigator” by Kathleen Tudor, from Like That Spark
“Transplant” by Ellen Tevault, from Up for Grabs
“Skin Deep” by Shanna Germain, from Like a Thorn
Faewolf by D.M. Atkins and Chris Taylor
“Wood” by David Sklar, from Like a Sacred Desire
“Enslaved” by Kierstin Cherry, from Like Crimson Droplets
“The Coming Age” by Angela Caperton, from Like a Corset Undone
“Charlie” by Kal Cobalt, from Robotica
“The Pillars of Hercules” by Lionel Bramble, from Like a God’s Kiss
“Ota Discovers Fire” by Vinnie Tesla, from Like a Long Road Home
Mate by Lauren P. Burka
“Queen’s Jewel” by A.D.R. Forte, from Like a Queen
“The Changeling” by Whitt Pond, from Wired Hard 2
“Lupine House” by A.N. Cortez, from Like an Animal
“Come Monday” by Jamie Joy Gatto, from Sex Noir
“Waylaid” by Julie Cox, from Like Tooth and Claw
“The Succession of Knoorikios Khnum” by Zachary Jernigan, from Wired Hard 4

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Twelve years ago, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

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( Sep. 23rd, 2010 12:05 am)
Today, September 23, is Bisexual Pride Day. In honor of that, I thank everyone who has supported me and others who have claimed our desires. I am bisexual, always have been. I remember crushes on both girls and boys when I was as young as eight. I have been blessed with both male and female lovers through-out my life. May we all - of all orientations and genders - follow our bliss and celebrate the diversity of love.
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( Sep. 17th, 2010 04:25 pm)
For the folks wanting autographed print copies of FAEWOLF, you'll be happy to know I figured out how to add a "Buy It Now" button through Paypal. Don't forget to let me know if you want your name and a SP bookmark with it. For ease of ordering click the paypal button at the bottom of this page:
I received the box of books from the publisher today, so I have copies of FAEWOLF again. If you want to buy a print copy directly from me so I can autograph them, you can either get them directly via PayPal (see PayPal button below) or order through Amazon. You can order ebook copies from several places - see the list of sites, along with reviews, at my website: Or order from the publisher, Circlet Press.

I sell other books and things on Amazon to help support my writing. So if you want any of the other things we have list, just let me know and we can combine them into one order. The address for my "storefront" is: Feel free to order through Amazon or send me email with a list of what you want and I can put the order together through Paypal. My email is: slashpervert (at)

If you are ordering through me, whether it's FAEWOLF or anything else, make sure to let me know and I can include a free autographed Slashpervert bookmark. (The bookmarks are signed photo prints of the banner on my SP site.)

FAEWOLF by D.M. Atkins and Chris Taylor
A paranormal m/m erotic romance from Circlet Press, Inc.

Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart--and his life?
[Warning: explicit sex, dubious consent, and rough scenes.]

To buy a copy of FAEWOLF directly from me, you can use this PayPal button below. If you want the autograph personalized, make sure to let me know what name I am writing it to:

If personalized what name?

I'm still in the awful limbo of trying to do a "short sale" to buy our house, clean up our credit and raise money for the down payment. It's exhausting and absolutely no fun. I am managing to write in little dribs and drabs, but nothing like my normal and no editing, so nothing finished. I do so hope it will all be worthwhile. And could we find a worse time to do this than during a Mercury Retrograde? *facepalm* No choice, so I keep working at it and trying not to pound my head into the wall too hard.

I occasionally scan my friendslist and read comments, though I haven't had time to reply. (Actually reading and re-reading comments on my fiction is one of my indulgences I allow myself to keep my spirits up on bad days. It's like sneaking virtual chocolates...)

I haven't been able to keep up with the latest mess with LJ. I'll have to figure it out when the dust settles both here and on-line.

In the meantime, yes, I do have both Insanejournal and Dreamwidth mirrored accounts, so feel friend to add me there if you migrate. And I have extra Dreamwidth invite codes. If you want one, let me know.

Back to the Gordian Knot that is our finances. Now I just need a sword that will cut through it all and give me an Alexandrian solution!

P.S. For those wanting to help by buying autographed copies of Faewolf. The publisher has ordered a new batch sent to me but they have not arrived yet. I'll post when they do. Thanks!
Wow, you folks rock! I have temporarily sold out of copies of Faewolf. I have ordered another batch from the publisher. I'll let folks know when I get them!

In the meantime, you can still get ebook copies at several different sites. You can see reviews and links to places to purchase the book at:
I am working on development for a new original erotic fiction site: Forbbiden Fiction

It will feature the work of a variety of authors, myself included. We are looking for erotic photography and art for the site. If you know of any photographers and/or artists who would like to see their work promoted and are willing to contribute their work to the site in exchange for that, please send them our way.

Have them send samples of their work and/or links to their webpages to:

These are samples of work by artist MirAngel, who has volutneered to donate the money for painting or drawing commissions toward the fundraiser for buying our house.

See her profile on DeviantArt:

Down the page is information about commissions. Click on her Gallery to see the range of art she can do.

She does both original and fan art. Just talk to her about what you want and let her know that it's to benefit "The Rabbits" as my family is nicknamed.

Meanthile, thanks to everyone who has ordered books and sent donations. We're working hard to pull this together. It would be wonderful to not be uprooted again and finally have our own place.
OMG! We might be able to buy our house! We have to buy our house or move. The irony is that moving will cost us just a much as the closing costs to buy it, but don't have enough for either. With moving we would have a couple more months to save up. To buy it we are going to need it this month. We have about half of the closing costs at the moment.

If I have to move, that means several months I won't be able to spend writing either. We've been here five years and the stability has been very productive for me as a writer. I don't want to have to uproot myself again. We are scrambling to see if we can pull it together instead of having to start packing.

Want to help out? Buy books from our Amazon store? Other ideas? )
BAYCON 2010:
The Bay Area Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
May 28-31, 2010
The Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA

Friday, 2:00 PM -- Writing Rituals
As an author, what habits have you developed that help or hinder your efforts? Can you only write with a clean desk? Does editing require your special red pen? And what happens when your deadline falls on Friday the 13th?

Sunday, 12:00 PM – Paranormal Romance: ripping bodices since…yesterday?
What is this genre? Where did it come from, where is it going, and does it even merit classification as a separate genre? If all you've read are stories about sparkly vampires, you haven't even scratched the surface...

I'll be generally hanging out and attending others.