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( Apr. 16th, 2009 02:54 pm)
For those who have bought the story about it being a mistake, a glitch or a hacker causing problems in the Amazon search engines, I suggest you read this: Amazon's Glitch Myth Debunked

My non-fiction titles appear to have their rankings back but are still missing all the reviews left.

I am not just concerned over non-fiction books that have been "accidentally" labelled as "adult." I believe strongly that no censorship should be allowed. The deranking of adult selections is censorship. I have no trouble with them being marked as "adult," but being removed from the fair selection, review, and ranking system is absolutely unacceptable.

Write Amazon, defend your right to read what you want.
For those who have (or haven't) been following the Amazon Fail about their blatant censorship not only of "erotic" titles but all LGBT ones, I am chiming in to add that all three of my in print LGBT non-fiction titles are among those stripped of their rankings.


More information: Who moved my rank? Sales rank purged from Amazon

For those who don't understand why this matters. This will drastically hurt sales of the books that are marked this way. It means they will not come up in some of the searches, etc. Many sales on Amazon are from people buying books "like" the other ones they ordered. For more information see: Why do Amazon Ranks matter.


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