Chris Taylor ([profile] christaylorr) and D.M. Atkins ([personal profile] dmatkins) invite you to join us for upcoming Author Chats in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month These talks will focus on our original fiction, such as Faewolf and other works in progress.

This Sunday, June 7 we will be on the Yahoo Chat group hosted by fellow erotic author Beth Wylde We will also be on Wylde's chat gorup again on June 16 as part of our publisher's group chat, Circlet Press.

To celebrate Pride, Beth Wylde is hosting over a month of chats by authors, publishers and reviewers of GLBTQ themed books and stories. Every day someone different will host the yahoo group with excerpts, discussion, contests and prizes. To join in visit

In addition, Circlet Press has a chat that will feature Chris and I for three days, June 15-17. So be sure check us out at circletpress and join us in talking about our fiction.

We are really looking forward to the chance to talk with readers!


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