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( May. 20th, 2009 09:26 pm)
This weekend, May 22-24, I will be attending BayCon 2009 - The San Francisco Bay Area Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

I am currently schedule to speak on two panels and, though they haven't pinned down the day and time yet, to give a reading from Faewolf.

Gender Roles for the Body-Swapping Age (Saturday 5:30 PM) - As we creep closer to being able to download a personality into a computer, the discussion about how to define gender is heating up. When a body is only temporary, how does one determine their gender identity? Science fiction has been discussing these issues for years. Our panelists will bring their views to the table and we'll see if we can find a consensus.

Alternative Publishing (Sunday 2:30 PM) - Internet publishing and print on demand have moved far beyond vanity press. Is the brick-and-mortar bookstore doomed? Or will the publishing houses of today evolve to become the great publishing houses of Ursa Minor?

I will have postcards with the cover art and blurb of the book to pass out!


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