I'll be attending BASCon again this year, November 4-6.

This year I will also be giving two presentations:

Erotic Writing – It’s more than writing sex. (Saturday, Nov. 5, 1-2 PM)
Some sex writing sound little better than read stereo instructions (Insert tab A in slot B), Learn what it take to make writing about sex meltingly hot.

Switching – Fan-fiction and Pro-writing. (Saturday, Nov. 5, 2-3 PM)
Some tips for fan writers who want to become paid authors. It’s not always an either/or. Some of us switch both ways.

Anyone else going? I'd love to hear form you.
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( Jun. 29th, 2011 01:27 pm)
Anyone wanting to hear me speak or read, can find me at Westercon 64 this weekend.

Here's my schedule of panels and readings:

Friday, Jul 01 2:30 PM to Friday, Jul 01 4:00 PM in room: Gold
Queer Representations in Speculative Fiction
How are non-heterosexual relationships and non-binary gender identities represented in speculative fiction? Where is it done best, and where is the genre lacking? A survey of representations, both good and bad, across all speculative fiction media: books, films, TV and comic books.

Friday, Jul 01 5:30 PM to Friday, Jul 01 7:00 PM in room: Valley
Fan Editors Panel
Fanzines have different audiences, frequencies, means of distribution, and editorial attitudes. Editors explain why they publish a fanzine. Thinking of publishing a fanzine? Encouraging words will be offered.

Friday, Jul 01 10:00 PM to Friday, Jul 01 11:30 PM in room: Crystal
Erotica in SF
How far back does erotic content go in science fiction? Panelists discuss the history of erotica in science fiction as well as current trends in the subgenre.

Saturday, Jul 02 1:00 PM to Saturday, Jul 02 2:30 PM in room: Valley
After Borders, What?
A decade ago we were all hearing that independent shops were doomed because Borders was taking over. Now Borders is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What's next for bookstores, independent and otherwise?

Saturday, Jul 02 5:30 PM to Saturday, Jul 02 7:00 PM in room: Crystal
Environmental Politics of SF/F
SF/F has long dealt with environmental concerns, imagining the future impacts of overpopulation, climate change, peak oil, and water shortages. Contemporary writers talk about the importance of ecological themes in their work.

Sunday, Jul 03 1:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 2:30 PM in room: Gold
Delusions of Gender
From alien races with one sex or many to human androgynes, hermaphrodites, and beyond, SF has used gender and sexuality as lenses to examine human minds and cultures. Consider the single sex of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness versus the five sexes of Melissa Scott's Shadow Man. The James Tiptree, Jr. Award anthologies also explore these possibilities.

Sunday, Jul 03 4:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 5:30 PM in room: Valley
Classic Vampires Versus "New" Vampires
Bela Lugosi's Dracula seems as innocent as a dad in a 1950s sitcom compared to the vampires in today's movies and TV shows. What was the old set of rules that defined the lives of vampires? In what ways have different writers changed them, or the way vampires are characterized, while making the legend a more popular source of entertainment than ever before?

Sunday, Jul 03 5:30 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 7:00 PM in room: Gold
E-books and Reading Privacy
Your reading preferences can become public with e-books, because you pay by credit card or PayPal and get them via email. Could this depress the market for some kinds of literature? Or will we become brazen enough about our choices that we no longer care?

Sunday, Jul 03 10:00 PM to Sunday, Jul 03 11:59 PM in room: Valley
Reading: Erotica
Come listen to experienced erotica writers, Dave Smeds, D.M. Atkins, and M. Christian, read from their works.


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